Disco and Party Lighting

Some of our hire stock of party and event lighting

Compact Alupar Tti Colour LED18 x 3w Tri LED AluPar Can HEX 12 x 8w LED RGBWAUV AluPar Can ASTRO Half Mirror Ball LED Beam effect Atria ReLoaded Cluster Laser DUO Led Party Light
Equinox Eyebar Gobo projector Gobo Sweeper LED Party Light Kaleido LED kaleidoscope party light Quad colour LED Pinspot
ACME Butterfly Quad Multi Colour Beams ACME Butterfly Sharp white beams Suprisingly bright LED Strobe Neo Flash 50 4 x 30w TriPixel COB LED Battens 8 x 30w TriPixel COB Led Battens ACME iMove 350s LED Mover eLumen8 Kudos120 LED Mover ACME iMove 250s MSD250 Mover ACME Ruler 575w Profile Spot Mover 8m x 4m Tri Colour LED Starcloth Chauvet Rogue R1 LED Profile Spot Mover Martin Mac500 Profile Spot Mover Martin Mac600 Wash Mover