Mark Church, Somerset

Installed in May 2011

Replaced old 100v Line PA System, column mounted speakers, Mixer and microphones, with a new ten speaker system, modern mixing desk, stand-mounted and gooseneck condenser microphones by Audio-Technica and the latest AKG (aerial -less) Perception UHF Radio Microphones. Speakers were installed close to the roof, out of eye-line, providing excellent coverage and resistance to feedback. Eight speakers were used throughout the Nave with two in the Chancel, connected to three silent (no fans) stereo power amplifiers. An extra Audio-Technica Boundary Microphone was installed near the organ to provide a balanced sound through both the PA system and the Induction Loop system for the Hard of Hearing.

Blue cyan
Red Green
Black cyan

"Just to report to you that the debut of the GC Sound and Light sound system at Mark Church was a resounding success. Perfect sound, easy controls, no missed cues from various switched sound sources and a compliment from one of the hard-of-hearing congregation - he didn't even have to switch his loop pickup on - for the first time ever!" Gerald Davies - Churchwarden