Be Heard

Microphone and Radio Mic Hire

Quality Microphones from Sennheiser, Shure and JTS. Radio Mics have the options of Handheld, Tie-Clip and low-profile Headset Microphones. Stands, Stageboxes, Multicores and a wide variety of PA Systems to suit are also available to rent or hire.

Variety of Quality Condenser Mics available
Radio Microphone Systems to rent or hire
Wide range of Vocal and Instrument Microphones available to hire or rent

Hire Cost Examples (ex VAT)

Shure SM58 Vocal Microphone with Cable -£3 per Day/Weekend or £6 per week
Sennheiser G3 Radio System with either handheld, tie-clip or headset Mic £20 per Day/Weekend or £40 per week
Set of four JTS Radio Mic Systems in a flightcase with any mix of handheld, tie-clip or headset microphones £60 per Day/Weekend or £120 per week.
Contact us for further options or a suitable PA System, Lighting, Radio Mics, Staging, Drapes and other items to make your event a success